Safawi Gold Dates - 1000 gms

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About the Product

These premium dates come in an attractive pack, keeping in mind all the hygienic precautions while packing.
These dates are a rich source of Iron and Vitamin C. Have them on a daily basis to reap the fruits of good health and stay fit.
Dates have amazing medicinal properties.
They are rich in antioxidants.
They maintain good overall body health and give vitality to all age groups of both sexes.
Dates are free from cholesterol and have low level of fats (0.2%) and sodium.
Include dates in your diet to stay healthy and fit.
Nutritional Facts

Energy (Kcal) –337
total fat-0.24
Total Natural Sugar-0
Dietary Fiber-80.97

Dates are highly nutritious.
It aids healthy bowel movements.
High concentration of Anti-oxidants.
Improves brain functionality.
Reduces risk of Cancer.
How to Use

They are perfect by themselves as a snack or used for extra sweetness and texture in baking and cooking.
Add soaked dates to a food processor.
Add in other ingredients, such as oats, chocolate chips, nut