Indian Red Globe Grapes (500 Grams Pack)

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About the Product

Ruby-coloured Indian red globe grapes are large, round and good quality grapes and are seedless. They have a crunchy skin, fleshy pulp and a pinkish tinge in colour. The grapes have mild sweetness and taste, but these grapes are not as tangy.


  • Red Globe maintain skin health and control the ageing process. They posses antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  • Improve eye sight and brain power. Prevent obesity and heart diseases. They combat kidney disorders by reducing uric acid.
Storage and Uses

  • Red globe grapes have a medium shelf-life. Refrigerate them unwashed. Wash them well under cold water before consuming.
  • Commonly used for table purpose, they are also a great additions to fresh salads and juices.