Walnut - 190 gms

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One of the oldest fruitful tree which has been grown by mankind is perhaps walnut. If it is looked at history, the history of walnut dates back to 7000 B.C. As a walnut structure, the fruit belonging to the walnut family is known as the fruit.

However, it is known that there are many different types of walnuts produced throughout the world. It is more commonly known as a tree that grows in the summer and leaves its leaves in winter. Walnut, which is claimed to be very oily and high in calories by some people, has been removed from diet programs.

It is a fact that walnuts are very beneficial to heart health and metabolism and are very rich in nutritional value. In this respect, it shouldn’t be ignore the benefits of walnuts. Structure of the walnut resembles brain. Walnut, which is very important for the health of the brain, is very useful when consumed without overdoing. The consumption of walnut and walnut oil ensures that the skin remains smooth and vigorous thanks to vitamins B1, B2, B3. Walnut oil is also useful for the brain and reduces the age-related symptoms.

Walnut that grow on the earth maybe is one of the most mysterious miracles in the world. The investigations point out new findings on the benefits of walnut every day and lead scientists to focus more on the question of how the benefits of walnuts are. Vitamins in walnut are very powerful than other nutrients in nature. It is our advantage to be in the nuts that can be easily reached in the walnut country where the positive effects of the brain functions, the positive effects on the veins can be observed, and a wide range of positive effects can be observed.

When walnut benefits are considered, miracles are first brought to mind for heart and vascular diseases. With this feature proven by experts, it is said that every day a handful of walnuts will prevent vascular occlusion, protect it from the risk of heart attack and provide protection for many heart problems. The antioxidants which is found in walnut are very important in the face of many factors that can damage the heart. It is also known that Omega-3 oil is very beneficial in terms of heart protection.

Although the human body needs Omega-3 oil, it can not produce itself. For this reason it is necessary to reinforce from the outside in a natural way and the walnut is the right choice. In the face of bad cholesterol, walnuts give a very strong battle and almost an antidote effect. Walnut is a very effective food type when you lower your cholesterol level. Vitamin E also prevents heart blockage. Walnut consumption also strongly prevent problem of regular blood circulation and clotting.