Cape Gooseberry / Rasbarry (500 Grams)

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Physalis peruviana, is a South American plant native to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in the nightshade family (Solanaceae), commonly known as Cape gooseberry or goldenberry, known in its countries of origin as aguaymanto, uvilla or uchuva, in Hawaii called poha, and in Egypt called Harankash, in addition to numerous indigenous and regional names. The goldenberry is also known as ground cherry. [2][3][4] The history of P. peruviana cultivation in South America can be traced to the Inca Empire.[5][6] It has been cultivated in England since the late 18th century, and in South Africa in the Cape of Good Hope since at least the start of the 19th century.[2] Widely introduced in the 20th century, P. peruviana is cultivated or grows wild across the world in temperate and tropical regions.